Tweets of the Week: Men's Hockey

Published by Blake Sundel on October 02, 2012 at 10:12PM

After weeks of the uncharacteristically warm and beautiful weather, Cambridge skies are back to normal.  The sun is gone, storm clouds loom overhead, and cold winds have led to long days for the brave souls who thought they could wear shorts.  We all knew it couldn’t last forever.  Surprise, freshmen!

If it’s time to bundle up for the winter, that means hockey season is around the corner. Last year, the Harvard men’s hockey team exceeded expectations when it reached the ECAC championship game. They also surprised us with their strong tweets.

We decided to browse Twitter and see how some Crimson skaters are biding their time until the season opener against Bentley University on Oct. 27. These are the tweets that stood out:

1) Sophomore forward Colin Blackwell admits that he should have done a better job packing for school:

I probably should have brought more than 3 pairs of socks to college

Quick math problem: how many times has Colin worn those pair of socks? Well, classes started a little under one month ago. So if there are seven days a week and four weeks have passed... that’s not hygienic. Somebody get this man a pair of socks.

2) Blackwell may not watch MTV, but one of his teammates sure does.  On September 27, Blackwell revealed this via Twitter:

"Back home I used to watch MTV so much, that show 21 and pregnant" - ‪@swiss_beaut

@Swiss_beaut is none other than teammate Ryan McGregor.  Who knew ECAC All-Academic selections have guilty pleasure TV shows? We’re hoping that the real explanation is a lack of channel choice in Switzerland.

3) Some people say that Annenberg looks like it belongs in a Harry Potter movie.  Apparently, freshman forward Jimmy Vesey thinks it’s just as magical on the inside:

Get me a copy of Annenberg's soundtrack

Don’t hate, we’ve all been there. Even though we’re pretty sure it’s just the radio, HUDS should give him a soundtrack to play at Predators games. We don’t think the NHL is ready for this.

4) Tommy O’Regan, a sophomore forward, doesn’t like to be disturbed in class:

If this kid in front of me platonically cuddles with the girl next to him again, I'm gonna scalp him. Were in class here Chief Ericsson

First off, huge points for the witty, historical reference. We’d also like to agree that PDA in class is never cool. Since the Boston Globe hasn’t reported scalping since the Pequot War, we assume the two lovebirds kept to themselves.

5) Later in the week, Tommy reminisced about technology from his childhood:

I miss the sound of dial-up internet

Ahh, the sound of a slow Internet connection. We prefer the silence of hi-speed, wireless Internet, but to each his own.

Those are your Tweets of the Week.  Cold weather is upon us, and the hockey team is already doing big things off the ice.