Was that an Earthquake or Did You Just Rock My World?

Published by Taryn I. Kurcz on February 15, 2012 at 10:12PM

Classic Valentine's Day.

You're single. Your close friends aren't. And you have no special someone to share this day of love with.

But it may not be your fault you're missing a significant other this Valentine's Day.... You've probably just been looking for love in Alderaan places.

Luckily, here at the Crimson Sports, we've got something up our sleeve.

So if you're looking to impress that fox you've been vying for or if you're simply still unhappy after Facebook stalking your Datamatch results, here for you are a few pickup lines with a Harvard athletics twist to hopefully make this Valentine's Day one to remember:


“Baby, let's light up the town. You provide the spark, I'll provide the Power.”

“Call me Mr. Wright because I know how to finish.”

“Every time I see you, I get Gedeon-side.” (Gedeon is pronounced “giddie-in”)

“The Price is always right.”

“Women's hockey has a home game this Saturday. Our future already's looking Bright.”

“My name may be Colt, but I'm actually a stallion.”

“I can get you into the Kong...without having to wait in line.”


“Have you ever heard of Kobe Bryant?” -Jeremy Lin

“You should totally find me on Twitter.” -Jeremy Lin

“Hi, I'm Jeremy Lin.” -Jeremy Lin


“Who knows, I may even propose to you after The Game.”

“When I think of you, the walk across the river flies by.”

“Hey, I'm in the [insert final club here].” (only works on Harvard Hoochies)

“We can walk to Lady Samurai together.”

“Have you SEEN me in a singlet?”

“You can wear my DHAs tomorrow morning.”


Disclaimer: The names and ideas used in this post are not affiliated in any with the actual athletes or the Harvard Department of Athletics.

Actually, wait...

The above disclaimer holds for all names except the Hoochies. That part is definitely on par.