The "Jeremy Lin Tracker" Rewind

Published by Alexander Koenig on February 07, 2012 at 10:12PM

Former Harvard star Jeremy Lin ’10 turned in another strong performance for the New York Knicks Monday night.

While former Harvard men's basketball standout Jeremy Lin dropped 28 points and eight assists for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, we were in Cambridge live blogging the action from afar. Check out the highlights from our live blog below, and relive Lin's performance in real time.

7:20 - Welcome to the Jeremy Lin love fest live from The Crimson's off-campus offices.

7:22 - Tuned in to NBA TV and getting ready to see Jeremy Lin '10 start the first game of his NBA career.

7:26 - Clyde Frazier giving Jeremy Lin some love in the pregame. We're gonna be keeping track of how many times they mention "Harvard" and "basketball IQ."

7:29 - "Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks"–who knew one good game off the bench could elevate your relevance above All-Stars like Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler.

7:35 - Jeremy Lin has been mentioned six times already and the game hasn't even started. Looks like the media has found its new Harvard-grad sports star, replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick. Hopefully he won't sign a $59 million contract before leading his team on a seven-game losing streak.

7:41 - J-Lin: tenth mention before tipoff.

7:42 - "He's from Harvard, he's smarter than that."–Brent Barry on "Why Jeremy Lin won't be too excited."

7:43 - And we're off. Breen and Frazier on the broadcast.

7:44 - Rough first possesion. On the bright side, Mike Breen wishes Jeremy Lin would take his SATs for him.

7:50 - Botched alley-oop between Lin and Chandler. Looks like the two are developing some chemistry though.

7:51 - Lin on the fast break! 4 points, 1 steal. On pace for 32 points.

7:56 - Lin to Chandler pick and roll, looking pretty good so far. Unfortunately Chandler got called for a charge.

7:56 - Tyson Chandler seems determined to prevent J-Lin from getting a triple-double.

7:58 - Great full court pass from Lin, Jeffries couldn't finish though. Must feel a little like Tom Brady on the last drive last night.

8:01 - Lin taking his first breather. Let's see if the Knicks can keep up without him.

8:05 - Sources say Lin "sees the game at a different speed" and "clearly has been doing his homework."

8:07 - Toney Douglas' ineptitude bodes well for Lin's future prospects.

8:14 - Nice pass from J-Lin. This Chandler-Lin combination might save the Knicks's season.

8:16 - Sources say Lin-Chandler friendship is strengthened by facial hair disparity.

8:19 - Mike Breen just qualified a statement with "I'm not saying Jeremy Lin putting up 25 points is the same as the Giants winning the Superbowl, but..."

8:20 - J-LIN AND-ONE!

8:21 - 7 points on 3-for-3 shooting.

8:31 - J-Lin with a nice little smile and fist pump after that assist.

8:31 - The ladies of New York are swooning.

8:37 - Lin splits the D, kicks it out to Novak for three!

8:37 - After one half: 9 points, 7 assists, no turnovers.

8:49 - Brent Barry just compared Jeremy Lin to Chris Paul.

8:50 - Jeremy Lin is right between "Mama Jones" and "Happy Birthday Bob Marley" among trending terms in NYC.

8:55 - And we're back. Second half underway.

9:08 - Jeremy Lin with a jumper. Double Digits BABY!

9:19 - J-Lin dribbled out of bounds...happens to the best of us.

9:27 - Lin starting the fourth quarter


9:30 - Dirty move by Jeremy results in a bad pass turnover. Crowd still loves him though.

9:35 - Lin with a nice move. That's 20 on the night.

9:38 - M-V-P Chants for Jeremy. MVP chant in MSG? He should retire tomorrow.

9:44 - Ball in Lin's hand. Standing ovation. Dish to Fields AND? travel...


9:54 - Lin with a shot-clock buzzer-beating rebound and three. LINSANITY.

9:55 - Shout out to our boy Cheng Ho '10 appearing in the audience.

9:58 - And Jeremy Lin, leads the Knicks to victory.

10:04 - Jeremy Lin "the budding legend" being interviewed on the postgame.

10:07 - Jeremy Lin, shout out to Harvard basketball, also moving off Landry Fields' couch.

10:08 - And on that note, goodnight and good luck to Jeremy Lin fans everywhere.