Tweets of the Week: Oliver McNally

Published by Blake Sundel on April 14, 2012 at 10:12PM

Since finishing his career in a Harvard uniform, co-captain Oliver McNally, shown above at media day at the NCAA tournament, has found his form in a new arena: Twitter.

Whether you are a die-hard Harvard basketball fan or just a casual Crimson follower, chances are high that you remember Oliver McNally’s last performance in a Crimson uniform. It was, after all, on TV.

The senior guard and co-captain played a strong game in his team’s second-round NCAA tournament matchup against Vanderbilt. He dished out a game-high seven assists and was even more impressive on the defensive end, sacrificing his body and drawing two momentum-shifting charges.  Even though Harvard lost, 79-70, it was an outstanding end to a great career.

Despite the disappointing loss, McNally has moved on to bigger and better things. In recent weeks, the future Harvard grad has dominated a different arena – Twitter.

We at The Back Page have taken notice of McNally’s recent hot streak.  Here are our favorites from this past week.

1) Although his playing days are over, McNally is still keeping up with the latest basketball news.  He gave this prediction regarding the nation’s no. 1 ranked basketball recruit, Nerlens Noel, before the high school phenom signed with the University of Kentucky.

“Nerlens Noel is gonna shock the world? I agree, he's going to be a terror in the Ivy next year when he suits up in Hanover for the Big Green”

Luckily for Crimson fans, Noel will not be playing for Dartmouth next season.  We feel sorry for the disappointed Big Green fans that hastily ordered custom jerseys and shaved their heads to match Noel’s.

2) Oliver McNally may not be going to med school, but the Harvard co-captain knows a thing or two about the field.  On April 11, he gave the following advice to Giants Catcher Buster Posey:

Shingles, @BusterPosey ? You kidding me dude? That's an illness you get playing Oregon Trail #dysentery

It’s unclear if Posey followed Dr. McNally’s orders, but Posey’s covered wagon probably made it to a hospital. At least, we’re pretty sure since we didn’t see a headline like this in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Those are the Tweets of the Week. While the rest of the Ivy League is happy to see McNally graduate, Crimson fans will miss his fiery play on the court. At least we can continue enjoying his profound observations on the net.