Harvard Sports Trivia - Answers!

Published by Robert S Samuels on April 05, 2012 at 4:33PM

Yesterday, we released our Harvard athletics trivia challenge. Now, we reveal the answers:

1. Which offensive tackle who played in the famous 1968 Harvard-Yale game roomed with Al Gore '69 freshman year?

Answer: Tommy Lee Jones ’69. Of course, the O-Lineman went on to have a pretty notable career off the gridiron in his post-college days.

2. Name the two teams that the Harvard men’s basketball team played in its 1946 and 2012 NCAA tournament appearances.

Answer: Ohio State (1946) and Vanderbilt (2012). In its first trip to the Big Dance, the Crimson fell, 46-38, to the Buckeyes. This year, a late Harvard comeback fell short in a 79-70 loss to the Commodores.

3. The 1998 Harvard women’s basketball team defeated which No. 1 seeded opponent in the first round of the NCAA tournament?

Answer: Stanford. No. 16 Harvard pulled off the unprecedented 71-67 upset over the Cardinal. The victory remains the only time in either NCAA basketball tournament when a No. 16 seed has topped a No. 1 seed.

4. What is the first and the longest-running American intercollegiate sporting event?

Answer: The Harvard-Yale Regatta. The competition first took place in 1852 and became an annual event 12 years later.

5. This season, both junior Colton Chapple and senior Collier Winters tied a single-game Harvard record by throwing how many touchdowns?

Answer: Five. Chapple and Winters tied the all-time mark in back-to-back weeks and became the second and third players in Crimson history to record five passing touchdowns in a single contest, tying Carroll Lowenstein’s ’54 record.

6. Harvard Stadium is one of four athletic venues in the country that is also a National Historic Landmark. What are the other three?

Answer: The Yale Bowl, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the Rose Bowl. Of the four arenas, Harvard Stadium, constructed in 1903, is more than a decade older than the rest.

7. Which golfing legend is a Harvard grad?

Answer: Bobby Jones ’24. Jones, considered the greatest amateur golfer in US history, won the Grand Slam in 1930 with victories in the US Amateur Championship, the US Open, the British Amateur Championship, and the British Open.

8. Tennis star James Blake lived in which Harvard house?

Answer: Mather House. Blake didn’t graduate from Harvard, though, and like some other famous dropouts, left Harvard following his sophomore year.

9. Which spouse of a current Harvard coach has won an Olympic gold medal as a competitor?

Answer: Kathy Keeler, the wife of men’s crew coach Harry Parker. Keeler earned her gold rowing on the US women’s eights at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

10. Which current NHL player was part of the first trio of brothers to play for the Harvard hockey team at the same time?

Answer: Dominic Moore ’03. The center, who currently plays for the San Jose Sharks, suited up with brothers Mark ’00 and Steve ’01 in the Crimson’s 1999-2000 season.