Tweets of the Week

Published by Katherine H. Scott on November 05, 2014 at 11:38PM

With the fall term wrapping up, Harvard student athletes, including women's soccer sophomore forward Midge Purce, take to Twitter to express their thoughts

November has crept up without a warning, masked by deceivingly warm weather. With the next two months come the end of the fall sports regular season, and teams are now focusing on the post-season tournaments.

While you may have been keeping up with their stats, you may have missed some of Harvard’s athlete’s most entertaining tweets. Here at The Back Page, we have compiled a few tweets that made us chuckle.

Women’s volleyball junior setter Hannah Schmidt celebrates a big win against Yale: “Just swiped Yale’s 36 conference home game streak tonighttt #HVB #shmoney @harvardvball.”

This is definitely a reason to break out the shmoney dance.

Former football player junior Nick Allain has a pre-quarter life crisis: “I was not meant to be a student.”

Neither were Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe you’re on to something. 

Women’s soccer sophomore forward Midge Purce contemplates the true questions in life: “How do Pokemon understand English?”

It chooses you as a translator, obviously.


Winter (season) is coming, and the athletes are more than ready for the season to start. See below for an insight into athletes’ lives off the ice, court, track, etc. 

Men’s hockey sophomore forward Tyler Moy has a little bit of confusion: “Just grabbed an entire bowl of mayo thinking it was greek yogurt…kinda rattled it took me 5 bites and a second opinion to realize it”

Do not operate heavy machinery at this point.

Freshman wrestler Austin Gobbo on post-practice conditioning: “Always flex for 10 minutes straight after practice” 

The grind never stops. Keep up the good work.

Men’s basketball freshman forward Chris Egi on staying lean and mean: “That yoga session was much needed!!”

Perhaps yoga and genes were how you got so tall?

Women’s basketball freshman guard/forward Cameron Neiters gives her preferences: “My favorite type of men is ramen”

Wagamamma’s on JFK St. can cater to your needs.

Women’s basketball freshman guard Kirby Porter has Uber problems:

“Uber Driver- ‘What Pandora station do you want?’

Me- ‘Drake’

Driver- ‘How do you spell that D R A K?’”

Lesson learned: Not everyone is aware of the hip-hop cultural phenomenon that is Drake.