Tweets of the Week

Published by Jake Meagher on March 22, 2014 at 10:33PM

Spring break is on the horizon, meaning that the winter sports season is coming to a close. Several Harvard teams are deep in postseason play, including the men’s and women's basketball teams, who are in the second rounds of the NCAA Tournament and the WNIT, respectively. Additionally, the Crimson will be sending a handful of individuals into postseason competitions, including sophomore wrestler Todd Preston, junior diver Mike Mosca, and 11 fencers.

Nonetheless, even amidst the commotion surrounding the playoffs, Harvard athletes have still found the time to take to Twitter. Here at The Back Page, we have compiled some of our favorites from the past week. Enjoy!

7. With the tournament just a week away, junior men’s basketball player Jonah Travis is trying to stay motivated everywhere he goes.

“Meek mills ooh kill em probably wasn't the best to listen to before class... I'm in here about to start a fight for no reason.”

Whatever it takes, Jonah.

6. Next on the countdown is sophomore men’s squash player Nick Hopcroft, who asks the question that has been on the minds of Pixar fans for years.

“What ever happened to Incredibles 2?”

Any opportunity to get Samuel L. Jackson into a Disney movie is one that needs to be seized.

5. John Rose, a senior on the men’s lacrosse team, has finally come to a realization after analyzing his fellow classmates closely over the last four years.

“Harvard people are too smart. most of them can read five books at the same time but i can barely finish the one I'm coloring ‪#godhelpme.”

To be fair, coloring is an art.

4. Needless to say, freshman swimmer Sava Turcanu was not happy about her commute Tuesday afternoon.

“Had to walk an extra mile to my dorm because the President's on campus. ‪#ThanksObama.”

The President once said, “If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.” He may or may not have followed that up with a #sorrynotsorry.

3. As mentioned before, Todd Preston is heading to the NCAA Championships, and freshman wrestler Zach Dinan could not be any happier.

“Todd I literally just screamed my head off in lamont and everyone started staring at me. CONGRATS BUD!!!! ‪@tpreston16 ‪@HarvardWrestlin.”

Totally worth it.

2. The men’s basketball team has gotten plenty of national attention over the past week, and freshman guard Matt Fraschilla is certainly enjoying the spotlight.

“On sportscenter hitting the Nae Nae after Steve's dunk ‪#crossthatoffthelist.”

He’s been taking lessons from Jonah. #ohhkillem

1. The Crimson men’s basketball team officially became the first team in the country to secure a spot in the Big Dance Friday Night, and the madness has begun to spread. So earning the top spot on our countdown is none other than the man, the myth, the legend—Jeremy Lin.

“Yessirrrrr ‪@hoopsatharvard ... were goin dancing!!! ‪#nerdscanhooptoo.”