Tweets of the Week

Published by Michael P. Dybala on April 24, 2015 at 6:31PM

Spring has officially arrived in Cambridge and with the new season comes a multitude of venues for Harvard students to procrastinate on their end-of-semester assignments. Marathon Monday took place this week, proving that college students really can get out of bed before 9:00am, especially for a local holiday. For those more musically inclined, the 2015 edition of Yardfest takes place this weekend, featuring Jessie J, who is still somehow an upgrade over last year’s mediocre headliner. What was her name again? And, of course, the NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing, and Major League Baseball just kicked off its season a few weeks ago.

As we get closer to closing the books on another semester, Harvard athletes are also finishing up the spring sports season, with most teams completing regular season play this weekend. With some free time on their hands as practices and p-sets come to an end, the Crimson’s best athletes took to Twitter this week to discuss everything from walruses to the Game of Thrones season premier.

Let’s count down this week’s best tweets from Harvard athletes.

6. Senior women’s squash player Amanda Sobhy, who sealed her fourth consecutive individual national title this past season, gave the Twitterverse a sneak peek into how she stays on top of her game.

“That moment after leg day when you are trying to walk and it looks like you just crapped your pants #currentstatus #waddlewaddle”

Maybe more college squash players should take up your leg routine, Amanda. They’d be waddling their way to a national title in no time.

5. Senior forward of the men’s basketball team and longtime “Tweets of the Week” contributor Jonah Travis took to Twitter to vent his frustration with Harvard transportation.

“Tired of the shuttle making me late for class”

I’m sure your professors are tired of it too. #quadlife

4. Women’s hockey freshman forward Karly Heffernan had no fear in tweeting something we all think, but don’t have the courage to say.

“After you watch Nicholas Sparks movies you instantly want a boyfriend. You can’t deny it.”

That’s weird. When I watch a Nicholas Sparks movie, I instantly want to stop watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. I can’t deny it.

3. Senior men’s basketball wing Wesley Saunders couldn’t wait to get back to HBO’s most popular show ever.

“Game of Throneeeees”

2. Freshman football tight end Alec Coyle-Nicolas shared Saunders’ excitement.

“Been saving up my free time for months for this one hour #WinterIsComing”

I think a prayer to the old gods and the new couldn’t hurt come exam season.

1. Grant Solomon, a freshman on the men’s tennis team, earned the top spot with some of the more insightful tweets of the week.

“If you think about it, glasses are really useful if you can’t see. But then, what good are glasses?”

“Unanswered questions: would you rather sleep with a walrus or have everyone think you slept with a walrus?”

“Things I ask myself: if the grass is greener on the other side, the soil on this side is useful for growing pumpkins #commonknowledge”

Luckily for you, Grant, Harvard offers a concentration in Philosophy.