A Child's Thoughts

By Anaiah B. Thomas


The lock clicked from down the hall, signaling to Jude that it was Monday and his girlfriend was back from her trip. He’d been sky-high on edibles for the past four days and once again destroyed the place in the process. He cursed himself silently for not setting an alarm or something, knowing how hard it was to keep track of time when she wasn’t around.

He tried to sweep the ashes off the countertop in front of him, but the moisture from his hands turned it into a terrible smear. Fate told him it was too late to put in last-ditch efforts, so he just turned off the TV and sat there. When Julie stepped in, the only sound was her keys jangling between her fingers. She closed her eyes, the smell of funky man-BO mixed with cannabis hitting her, and let her duffel hit the floor. “Jude. You’ve gotta be fricken kidding me.” Her eyes were still closed, but she was vibrating with rage and frustration. Jude could see it. It was very familiar.

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Sierra was staring at the ceiling, hands folded across her chest, thinking about tomorrow. It was her first night at Uni, and she was so excited she couldn’t sleep. Though she was a regular insomniac, her melatonin usually had her out by 2:00 A.M.. It was 3:17.

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