Testing the H-Bomb

The study of a desperate, desperate man

Me: “Hey, what’s up? You know, I’m just in from Harvard and I...”

One girl: “Pretty nerdy.”

Me: “…well the school does have multiple reputations.”

Another girl: “I don’t think she meant the school.”

Me: “Oh. Ok.”


First girl: “I meant you.”

Me: “Yeah. Ok.”

Trial 4:

A girl approached me

Her: “Hey. How’s your night going?”

Me: “You know, not great so far.”

Her: “That’s too bad.”

Me: “Yeah. I’m not making a lot of friends, if you know what I mean.”

Her: “Well, sometimes things can turn around pretty quickly. All it takes is someone special…”

Me: “That’s nice. But I just kinda want to be alone right now.”