By Charlotte A. Nickerson

SECs in the City

There are several things that make the Harvard Science and Engineering Complex’s design perplexing. Its location in Allston was historically low-lying marshland that experienced continual nuisance flooding. Even as the SEC’s landscape was designed to mitigate flooding, it has two lower levels of basement.

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First Come Coffee Shops — Then, Gentrification

In the life of an average college student, one frequently encounters the classic coffee shop aesthetic: deep warm colors and cool neutrals, design or photography books, generously applied plants, reclaimed wood, and hanging Edison light bulbs.

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Dig Deeper into Design — Starting with Yogurt

Chobanicore (noun): authenticity as a marketing tactic, found even in the branding of your FlyBy yogurt cup. Imagine a woman standing on a balcony, holding a steaming mug. Her hair, the steam, and the leaves of lush plants all gush in the wind. Thrust into the utopia of Chobanicore through advertisements, one is forced to confront the cognitive dissonance of capitalism on a wellness retreat and design’s insidious potential.

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