Demystifying Therapy

By Suhaas M. Bhat

Towards a Mentally Healthier Harvard

The mental health crisis on campus rages on, and it is still not clear what to do to address the depression and anxiety that plague the student body. Barring the addition of more therapists — which I maintain does not address the central problem — there are two approaches which may improve the mental health of this community: a top down approach, where the existing medical care is made accessible to everyone, and a bottom up approach, where a culture of care and support is allowed to bloom.

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There Is No Mental Health Care Shortage at Harvard

The belief that there is not enough mental health care at Harvard has pervaded most of the campus’s collective consciousness. Op-ed after op-ed has alleged that Counseling and Mental Health Services is not sufficient. Often, students suggest that more therapists are what we need to deliver us from the looming crisis.

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Depressed? Ask Your Doctor if a Placebo is Right for You

Psychotherapy as we know it has been around for about a century, and has been continually refined since.

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If You Can’t Hire More Therapists, Make Them

Much ink has been spilled pointing out the sorry state of mental health on Harvard’s campus. Something clearly needs to change.

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