Despite Early Loss to Rhode Island, Hope Remains

Sportswriters, unfortunately, share this habit. With nine games on the horizon, it’s important not to make apocalyptic predictions. Cassandra was right, but you probably won’t.

The Harvard defense, for one, should whip into shape. That unit has too much experience to disintegrate. All starting defensive backs have seen major game action. So have all starting linebackers.

On Saturday, the Crimson racked up 80 yards of penalties, many in timely situations. Murphy doesn’t tolerate such frequent miscues. In practice this week, you can bet that coaches are drilling players on mental discipline, over and over again.

Offensively, Harvard retains all-star talent, even if few players popped against the Rams. It takes a well-trained army of men to tackle 5’7” junior wide receiver Adam Scott in the open field. And fellow classmate and wideout Justice Shelton-Mosley can catch anything within a five-yard radius. Further running back Charlie Booker came into his own against Rhode Island. The junior bowled over several defenders en route to 139 yards on 13 carries.

After 60 minutes of competition, the only conclusion we can draw is that the Crimson won’t go undefeated this year. Let’s wait until next Saturday to say more.



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