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Football's Loss to Penn Places Blemish on Season

November 15, 2016

Harvard football is hurting.

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Columbia Provides Last Test for Football Before Undefeated Penn

November 02, 2016

Ivy League football is a 10-week hike. The players trudge beneath hot sun and cold rain. They trek through fields of mud and shrapnel-like turf pellets. They wear sweaty jerseys and knee braces. They carry each other.

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Football Has Obvious Violence, But Hidden Virtues

October 05, 2016

Murphy is tired of fielding questions about the quality of his football team.

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One For the Ages in Harvard, Dartmouth Ivy Battle

November 04, 2015

There are times, especially on cold Friday nights, when the whole exercise of football feels insignificant.

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In Opener, Harvard Football Provides Fans A Luxury

September 30, 2015

As far as football goes, hardly anything of note happened after 9:50 remained in the third quarter of Saturday’s matchup between Harvard and Brown.

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