Fall Apart

By Aysha L.J. Emmerson

Free Fall

I once jumped out of a plane, falling freely, briefly terrified, immersed in a cushion of air, an unparalleled view of the ground, my parachute firmly in place.

An entanglement of unrivaled freedom, risk, and fear makes free-fall exhilarating: defying convention, embracing the moment, while knowing the odds favor your landing safely.

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Taking the Fall

In just one week, fall will be upon us. Harvard Yard will once again be incrementally transformed by a canopy of spectacular red, yellow, and orange leaves — small reminders that beginnings and ends can rarely be separated. For some, the semester’s start signals the end of the Harvard experience they felt they had once been promised; for others, it is the end of life at home, but the beginning of a long-awaited dream, though one manifesting as a very different reality.

One way or another, students are returning to a school that will not resemble anything experienced, or even imagined, by their peers who have walked Harvard’s grounds for the past 384 years.

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