Ni Aquí, Ni Allá

By Carla E. Troconis

Striving for Divine Power in Darkness

Sundays were Luciana’s favorite days. In her memory, the most important events have always happened on Sunday.

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Calling Out for Compassion

There are few things in the world Andrea hates more than making a cappuccino with almond milk. It is, inherently, a contradictory drink. The cappuccino part necessitates foam and yet, the inclusion of almond milk makes it near impossible to produce enough to do justice to the drink’s definition. She has tried to tell customers just that, tried to ask if they’d like a latte instead, but has gotten hit with the same response so many times — “ohmygod, don’t worry, just try your best with it” — that by now, she saves her breath and time and goes about preparing the order.

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