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Bronwyn: The Best of the Wurst

6 days ago

If you happen to be a fan of the tuba, you’ll love Bronwyn. The instrument features heavily in the house band at this trendy, German-themed gastropub, belching out a seemingly endless stream of what one can only assume were chart-toppers in 19th century Bavaria. From your seats in the teeming main dining room, you can’t make out the rest of the band, but judging from the trio of feathered fedoras bopping rhythmically, you conclude that it’s a three-piece: drums, piano, and tuba. Everyone in that dining room knows who the star is, though. Occasionally the drummer goes rogue, kicking off a new song with a funky, modern beat, and the room’s collective ear perks up, but along comes the tuba every time, restoring a festive order to the proceedings.

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