The Postgraduate Way of Life

By Manuel A. Yepes

HLS and the Commercialization of Success

When I was a kid, I would go to a theme park in Colombia called Divercity that simulated adult life for children. I would work different jobs, like putting out fires or driving a taxi. I’d then get paid fake money, which I could then use at a variety of stores and restaurants within the park.

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Ask What You Can Do (and Put it into Practice)

Two weeks ago, I wandered into the Center for Government and International Studies’ Knafel building to sit in on “Capitalism and its Critics,” a new graduate Government seminar offered by Professor Katrina Forrester. Drawn in by both the topic and the professor, I ignored the fact that I had done two of the assigned readings for that week — which totaled some 200 pages — and instead relied on the little Marx and Foucault I remembered from Social Studies 10 to follow along with the conversation.

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