“Oh Harvard Lampoon, must you ruin everything that's sacred?” asks the Globe. Well, we can’t remember the last time the semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine did much of anything, let alone ruined something through satire, but it looks like they're giving it a try this year.

The 'Poon has announced the completion of its second parody novel, Nightlight: A Parody, a satiric take on the oh-so-popular Twilight phenomenon. The book follows Belle Goose, a young girl who becomes convinced the new boy in school is a vampire and her soulmate, despite evidence that he thinks girls are "repulsive." The Edward character from the real novel goes by Edwart in this version, a name which the book itself informs us is "Much funnier than Edward."

(more, including a link to an excerpt of the book!, after the jump)

The Lampoon's first parody book, Bored of the Rings, dates back to 1969, so we're not sure why it took this long to produce a follow-up that's 16 pages shorter, nor what the criteria were for choosing the new target. Still, we're curious to see how the pamphlet does. The official press release, book blurb, and excerpt all emphasize Edwart’s “zero interest in girls." (The insinuation, we think, is that he may be a homosexual.)

The official release date is November 3rd. In the meantime, Random House has posted an excerpt.

A Lampoon spokesman said no one was available to comment on the book they're currently trying to promote.