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Cornell students are getting high on Adderall, Red Bull, and caffeine cocktails just to get through the night. “At this point, it’s practically like cocaine,” one student said of Adderall, adding that he's seen students “crush up Adderall and snort it."  Yes, they study at Cornell.  Hardcore, apparently.

More students are raping each other at Penn and Yale. We wonder why?

Now that former Yale Provost Andrew Hamilton has started work as Oxford's vice-chancellor (i.e. president) today, every former Yale provost in the last two decades (there are eight of them) has now claimed a prominent college presidency. Harvard Provost Steve Hyman has also been considered for top posts at several colleges, including Harvard and MIT, but so far has been turned down—for now.

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A controversial Danish cartoonist spoke at Princeton yesterday, revealing that four years after he'd printed a controversial cartoon of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb as a turban, the police still have to escort him to work.

The Cornell Daily Sun prints a biweekly sex column called "Come Inside." FlyBy shudders.

Yale's career services office knows the ins and outs of finding students finance jobs, but can barely help students land jobs in the arts. Sound familiar?

Yale is now scouring for an additional 5 percent in budget cuts from departments, since administrators had planned for an economic rebound that never came, and humanities and foreign language departments are suffering. “The only area where we can reduce costs is the one area where undergrads need us the most, language instruction,” Benjamin Foster, acting chair of Yale's Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department, told the Yale Daily News. “But it’s chickenfeed compared to the rest of Yale’s budget.”

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