Shit's hitting the fan at the Undergraduate Council.  We'll keep you updated, both here and at, as developments emerge.

10:59 a.m.

Today, The Crimson's print edition features two front-page stories on the drama: one chronicling the events of the evening, and the other exploring the e-mail signed but disavowed by UC Vice-President Kia J. McLeod '10. McLeod said in a subsequent e-mail that she had not written that original message, which implied that Eric N. Hysen '11 could have tampered with the election results. But Tamar Holoshitz '10, a former UC official, told The Crimson at 4:30 a.m. that McLeod had in fact sent the e-mail.

This is the first step in sorting through the puzzle behind last night's events: the three Election Commission resignations, the UC's failure to certify what was supposed to be a straightforward election, and the mysterious e-mail signed but retracted by McLeod. As we put together the pieces, we'll share what we know with you on

3:39 a.m.

Now the bigwig's entering the arena. Outgoing UC President Andrea R. Flores '10 has addressed the election controversy in yet another e-mail sent over the UC open list.

Flores wrote in the e-mail that she was "saddened" by tonight's events and that she supports the election of Johnny F. Bowman '11 and Eric N. Hysen '11 as the next president and vice-president of the Council. She also wrote that the voting software had not been compromised, since Election Commission ex-chair Brad A. Seiler '10 had taken away Hysen's access to the voting software last Sunday.

But Flores added that her official UC e-mail address,, had in fact been compromised. She asked that all messages from that account be disregarded until further investigation.

After the Election Commission, which faced three resignations today, voted to decertify the election results, the UC executive board decided to ask the entire UC to certify the results of the election. While the Council could ultimately reject the results, Flores wrote that the members should "respect every vote cast" and confirm Bowman and Hysen as leaders of the next UC.

We're working on our complete coverage of the UC election controversy to give you the definitive rundown and analysis of tonight's events.  Check back later for more updates.

1:05 a.m.

The Crimson is preparing a massive Web update that will be posted online soon. Crimson news reporters Melody Y. Hu '11 '12 and Eric P. Newcomer '12 have been interviewing everyone at every level of the drama: presidential candidate Johnny F. Bowman '11, vice-presidential candidate Eric N. Hysen '11, former UC vice-president Randall S. Sarafa '09, and former chair of the Election Commission Brad A. Seiler '10. Stay tuned for the scoop.

12:51 a.m.

UC Vice-President Kia J. McLeod '10 has announced over the UC open list that she "did not draft" the e-mail that was sent from the UC presidential account, with her signature, about 40 minutes ago.

That original e-mail insinuated that vice-presidential candidate Eric N. Hysen '11 could have had the ability to rig the election.