With Harvard unwilling to allow film crews on campus, the staff of the new Facebook movie "The Social Network" opted for Johns Hopkins University as the setting for the undergrad days of site creator and erstwhile Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg.

But now, the Baltimore Sun reports, some on the Baltimore campus are up in arms over the decision. Students created a Facebook group encouraging others to wear Hopkins paraphernalia in hopes that some of it might make it onto movie screens. From the Sun,

Hopefully one slips in," said Jack Chan, 19, a sophomore who pulled on a black Hopkins sweat shirt as he watched filming begin outside Shaffer Hall Monday afternoon.

That'll show them!

It's kind of like a blow to our pride," said Ray Tsai, a 19-year-old sophomore studying biomedical engineering, an academic subject in which, he and others noted, Hopkins is rated more highly than Harvard.

But another student quoted in the Baltimore Sun article took a more cynical outlook.

Jan Lee, 21, a junior in biomedical engineering, conceded, "A lot of people came here because they didn't get into Harvard, Yale or Stanford."

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Daderot