Is it true? Can you really get hot breakfast as part of your meal plan again (without going to Annenberg)? Why, yes! But is there a catch? Of course. Get the details after the jump.

This week, Quincy Grille is offering a trial run of its hot breakfast menu. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., you can once again start your day with eggs, bacon, and all those other warm breakfast goodies that you’ve been missing. If enough people show interest, this may soon become a permanent fixture at the Grille.

But here’s the best part: starting on Monday, the Grille will now accept Board Plus! (Question for Pfoho Grille—will you soon be following suit?) So if you haven’t already squandered your Board Plus at Greenhouse or Lamont Café, and you happen to pass Quincy on your daily route to class, you’re in luck.

For the rest of us (including this FlyBy correspondent), guess we’ll just have to stick with the yogurt and muffins from HUDS. Sigh.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.