Santa Hammonds Came to Lamont-Town

If you happened to be studying in Lamont Cafe on Wednesday night, you may have gotten a surprise visit from a certain gift-bearing dean.

Dean of Harvard College Evelyn M. Hammonds arrived at Lamont Cafe around 10:00 p.m. bearing soda and burritos from Felipe's for the hungry, sleep-deprived masses.  Check out the video here.

"We just thought this would be a fun thing to do because everybody is working so hard and studying so hard," Hammonds told us, "and the term had seemed so short to so many people, so we just thought this would be a nice thing to make it a little easier."

Hammonds encouraged students to text their friends and within 15 minutes, the three trays of chicken burritos and one tray of vegetable burritos were all gone.

"In time of finals, this was a nice surprise," said Kennedy School student Ana Bulic who was busy chowing down her burrito, "We shouldn't be eating at 10 in the evening, nevertheless, this is really nice."

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