Eliot Assassins Will Kill You, Even in Your Sleep

Don't be a sitting (sleeping) target!
Don't be a sitting (sleeping) target!

Who knew an innocent game of Eliot Assassins could turn so ugly?  Find out why Eliot residents should make sure they're sleeping behind locked doors every night.

Outrage erupted among the House community when an assassin broke into a dorm room and killed a sleeping target.  "Charles Eliot" confirmed in an email to residents that breaking and entering into someone's room is unacceptable.

"This game is intended to be a fun and care-free way to pass time during Reading Period. It has helped forge new friendships and house spirit in the past and I hope it is able to do the same thing this year," he wrote. "Please refrain from doing anything to upset other Eliot residents and NEVER enter a room that is not yours without the assistance of a person who lives in that room."

The administrators of the assassins game, however, had input of their own.

"It is fine to be killed in one's sleep," the Assassins crew responded in an e-mail. "It is not ok to enter someone's room with a key that is not yours to have at any point of the day. If you are allied with a roommate of theirs that is fine but this is where I am drawing the line and since I am the one in charge of the rules that is how it will be."

Which pretty much means that no one in Eliot House is going to sleep. Ever.  But hey, it's exams period: no one else is sleeping either.

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