The Most Extreme FML of All Time: Revealed!

Ever wondered just how bad life could get at Harvard (theoretically, of course)? Well, Harvard Undergraduate Television (HUTV) showed the world with the reveal of the FML video contest--after expected self-promotion.

The preview of HUTV’s entire fall line up kicked off last night at 7 the Fong Auditorum, complete with Noch's pizza and 18 pints of Berryline. Audience members battled to stock up on refreshments before filling the seats and settling in for an hour of HUTV.

At 8 PM, Derek Flanzraich '10 screened the three finalists of the FML video contest, created jointly by the Voice and HUTV in search of “the most extreme Harvard FML moment”. The winning video, by 14 votes, was “The News Will Spread Like a Flower…” by Cameron M. Johnstone ‘12 and Andrew P. Coffman ’12.

Find out more about the winners after the jump!

In the video, Coffman dances to Saturday Night Live’s “Mother Lover.” Johnstone goes to sleep but is awoken by a minotaur whose visit predicts "grevious misfortune" to come. Johnstone then wakes up to Coffman complaining about his work. “I have this presentation in two days…don’t even know what it’s on. The Renaissance? Psh! I don’t know what the Renaissance is!” says Coffman.

Although the video may seem confusing at first, its description is simply "I was visited by a minotaur. FML." Ohh...we guess it puts our usual FML moments in perspective.

Johnstone and Coffman were awarded the grand prize of a $100 gift card at b.good. Oh, and eternal glory may be part of the deal also. But the winners were happy to share the credit with their fellow castmates. “That’s my dog India in the picture,” Johnstone said in his moving acceptance speech.

All finalist videos, by the way, can be viewed on the HUTV website.

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