President Faust held the first of her generous two "office hour"-s of the semester from 4-5 this afternoon in Mass. Hall. If you were not aware of this opportunity, don’t feel bad--you’re in good company. The office hour was really only publicized on the President’s Web site and drew less of a crowd than FlyBy (and probably the administration) expected.

The breakdown of the available slots went something like this:

2-3 = graduate students

1 = an undergrad who wanted to talk about accessible education

3 = Crimson Editors (shout-outs to Photo, FM, and Editorial for representation...though there is no proven correlation, FlyBy is guessing it doesn’t hurt to be part of an organization with tabs on all campus happenings and a slight obsession with stalking University figureheads)

1 of those people was also a student group leader (“Harvard College Act On A Dream is a student sponsored group whose purpose is to motivate Harvard students to become actively involved in immigration reform,” according to their mission statement.)

Even though you've missed your chance this month, Faust will have another office hour on Thursday, April 23 from 4-5 in Mass. Hall. Sign-ups start at 2:30 on the day of and are first-come, first-served.

Maybe sign ups will be more of a battle next month, if FlyBy's readership is high enough.