Last Friday, Harvard College’s student-run radio station, WHRB, released an iPhone application that allows subscribers to receive live broadcasts from the station. You don’t even need proximity to a WiFi connection.

Joseph A. Poirier ’11, the General Manager for WHRB, says, “I’m pretty sure we are the first college radio station to do this and only the second or third Boston station to do it.” So Harvard.

Dan J. Thorne ’11, WHRB’s Chief Studio Engineer, says, “A lot of Harvard kids have iPhones and iTouches. When I had one, radio applications like Pandora and Blast FM were really popular. Making one for us seemed like the logical thing to do.”

But let’s be real. How many people on campus are actually going to use this?

Let’s say about 3% of undergrads regularly listen to WHRB. Let’s also say that about 15% of the undergrad population has iPhones. Taking those two things to be independent (and acknowledging that they’re generous), about 30 College students will probably download this.

Meghan Lyons contributed to reporting.

Photo courtesy Max Child.