Did you miss the Lady Gaga concert in March? Not to fret, because our new favorite diva is coming back to Boston to perform with Kelly Clarkson at the House of Blues on May 3rd. The best part? the concert is FREE! That's right, a free concert with both Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson. Its like pop music Heaven. There's only one teeny weeny catch--you have to own a Sidekick to get tickets.

Now we bet you wish you didn't buy that iPhone and/or Blackberry, huh? See the details about the show after the jump.

So it turns out that the only way to get tickets for this Lady Gaga-Kelly Clarkson double header is through T-mobile. Starting April 20th they are giving tickets (which are free, remember?)  away at two locations--the T-mobile store at 375 Washington Street in Boston and the store at South Shore Plaza in Braintree. But beware-- in order to get a ticket you have to either own a Sidekick already, buy one, or play some kind of game (we hear ring toss is popular).

So it looks like it may be time to join the hordes of teenage girls all across the country and purchase a Sidekick.

For more information, see the story from The Boston Phoenix.