The VOID is that empty time between 5am and 8am every night where there’s no one on gchat, no sound but your roommate’s blissful snoring, and nothing to think about besides the work you’re not getting done. But you’re not alone, FlyBy is here to guide you through.

Been feeling lonely without FlyBy lately? We've had a little too much Senior Bar, and too few annoying-as-hell section assigments (how do those things always take five times longer than they should?). But duty calls--nothing can trump wasting time staring at a computer screen until the sun comes up.

Crappy day to be out and about, eh? Didn't even get to J.P. Licks like you planned to? Got driven from the Sci Center earlier than you wanted? It's know what they say about the best laid plans. FlyBy is sure you're dry and cozy now--even if things are still not going according to plan.

In the meantime, reflect on how (un)lucky you are you don't have the free time to turn herding sheep into an art form. Check out more from that Schick commercial series: this time, more overt and more awkward. Get excited for INCREDIBAD.

If none of this works for you, just get lost in the randomness: whether crack-induced, or not.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons/US  Dep. of Agriculture