In case you were fortunate enough to miss it this week, Flyby's got the skinny on this lovely piece of spam that's been making the rounds, courtesy of some of your most random friends. Remember that guy who e-mailed you once for a section assignment last fall? He apparently wants you to see a photo!

The nuisance hails from a little site called Heard of it? Probably not, unless you're one of the fools responsible for spamming hundreds of Harvard students with these e-mails.

More on the new digital scourge, after the jump.

The subject line reads: "[Sender's name] has sent you a photo!," to which the body reminds us "[Sender's name] sent you a photo. Want to see the photo?" Your turn! Click YES to let bad stuff happen to your computer, or click NO to let similarly bad stuff happen to your computer.

Isn't this how most spam works? Some idiot clicks the button and it shoots off emails to all his friends. Luckily, is even cooler. It actually requires you to SIGN UP. That's right--both the YES and NO buttons lead to a form at to convince you to sign up and register an account for the site. So how did you end up getting this email, then? Chances are... your genius friend probably signed up on

Well, FlyBy's was intrigued, so we did some searching around on Wegame and it looked pretty harmless. Next to the "Name" field on the registration form, writes "Welcome to WeGame! What is your name? Keep it real :) " Smiley face = harmless. Just think Hannibal Lecter.

From a little bit of surfing, it quickly became clear that Wegame is just an Internet community of gamers who post screenshots and videos--pretty much a Youtube with a lot more World of Warcraft mods.

Then we stumbled across the ironically-titled "Privacy Policy":

The Invite Friends feature is an easy way for WeGame users to invite friends through email. The email address(es) that you supply to use this service will only be used to send invitations to connect with you on WeGame. Contacts who are not registered members of WeGame will receive an email invitation from us on your behalf inviting them to join. By using the Invite Friends feature on WeGame, you agree to and authorize the following: (a) WeGame may use your e-mail address to invite to your contact, (b) WeGame may use your name and e-mail address to identify who you are in any such invitation, and (c) WeGame may follow up with any invitations initiated by you with two reminder emails to some contacts if they do not respond to the initial invitation. WeGame, with the user's consent, may access his/her e-mail address book during the signup process.

And of course, if you do fall victim, you not only have to apologize for hitting your friends' inboxes, but you have to explain the whole internet gaming thing. Bonus.