It's time to take advantage of all that Harvard has to offer, which, suffice it to say, includes a lot of classes you just won't find anywhere else. So we're kicking off our shopping week feature with a choice selection—but by no means a conclusive list—of some of the most interesting, obscure, and unique classes offered this semester at Harvard.

1. Religion 1090: "Voodooizations and Politics of Representations"

According to the course description, “Voodooizations” will teach you how various representations of “Black spiritualities” in media created the genre of voodoo. Who knows? You may even get to practice a little bit of voodoo as well. | Tu., Th. 10-11:30. Link.

2. History of Science 176: "Brainwashing and Modern Techniques of Mind Control"

From the course description: “This course examines the phenomenon of ‘brainwashing’ as a modern set of techniques that can apparently force a subject to alter her beliefs radically against her will.” You know you’ve always wanted to know how to do it—well, how to do it effectively, that is. | Th. 2-4. Link.

3. Culture and Belief 21: "Pathways through the Andes—Culture, History, and Beliefs in Andean South America"

And you thought Machu Picchu was out of reach! In “Pathways through the Andes,” you’ll explore the arts, history, and culture of the Andean region from pre-Columbian period all the way to colonial times. If you don’t feel like schlepping all the way down to Peru, take this course and save the spine of some innocent alpaca. | Tu., Th. 1-2:30. Link.

4. Aesthetic and Interpretative Understanding 35: "Korea Indigenous"

With this course, you can learn all you ever wanted to know about the history and culture of Korea. As it's got several interesting case studies to follow—not to mention a title that could be the next HBO (or maybe PBS?) smash-hit—you may just see this course on the air someday. | M., W. 10. Link.

5. Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 1254: "Sex and the Brain"

This course will help you understand the sexual brain, such as the scientific ideas behind the concept that gender and sexual orientation are rooted in brain differences. Come on. You know you’re interested. The word “sex” is in the title. | M., W. 1. Link.

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