Predict you’ll be feeling artsy (or bored) during the month of January? Apply by 5 p.m. on Oct. 18 for the newly created January Arts Intensives, free for all Harvard undergraduates.

The Office for the Arts has posted information about the classes and how to apply on its website. They’re offering programs in writing, architecture, comedy, and performance. In order to submit your application materials, email

Here’s the lowdown:

“All the Architectures I Am”: Structure as Revolution in Contemporary Poetry

Jan. 17-21

Instructor: Jen Bervin, poet and visual artist and the editor at large for Jubilat

This poetry-writing workshop will take an interdisciplinary approach in exploring structure, space, and layout in poetry.

To apply: Send an email with your name, year, concentration and a one-paragraph statement describing why you are interested in taking this class, how it will contribute to your experience in the humanities, and which creative writing classes (if any) you have taken. Additionally include three pages of sample poetry.

Architectural Fictions

Jan. 17-21

Instructor: Michael Hayes, professor of architectural theory at the architectural school of design

This workshop will cover the basic concepts of architectural design and representation, using physical models and stop-motion animation. Students will examine the role that architecture plays in producing visual representations of alternative futures. No prior design experience is necessary.

To apply: Send an email with your name, year, concentration and a single page “short story” describing an architectural scene in a city of the future.


Jan. 17-21