With less than 24 hours to go before voting closes, all three UC tickets are making a last-ditch effort to secure student support, and candidates Collin A. Jones ’12 and Peter D. Davis ’12 are no exception.

In a hectic week that included a trip to PetSmart, two profiles in The Crimson, and an On Harvard Time interview, the latest news from the Jones-Davis campaign is an official endorsement from The Darker Side (TDS). The Darker Side is WHRB’s “late-night hip-hop, soul, funk, R&B, reggae, and electronic music department,” according to their website.

The radio program announced its support in a press release.

"The Jones-Davis campaign has taken The Darker Side’s DJs by storm, with long e-mail threads on their private hip-hop mailing list discussing the merits and virtues of the three pillars Jones and Davis have discussed,” according to the release.

Those of you who are up-to-date on your UC election news, however, will know that TDS is actually Jones-Davis’s second official endorsement.

Early Tuesday morning, the Harvard- Radcliffe Society of Physics Students became the first student group to throw its support behind the pair, stating in a press release,  “While all campaigns have brought some respectable gravity to this year's ballot, the one of the many planks of the many platforms that truly spoke to us was Jones-Davis's promise to Bring Harvard into the 21st Century (we’re assuming this means we get a large-scale synchotron.”

Meanwhile, Jones and Davis had this to say, “It is obvious after early results and voter opinions that we are currently the front-runner favorites in the UC election. As a result, it makes sense that reputable student groups like the Harvard-Radcliffe Society for Physics Students and The Darker Side choose to endorse the projected winner.”

Photo by Gregory B. Johnston/Crimson Photographer.