Since Kirkland House's annual Secret Santa gift exchange commenced on Sunday, residents have been enjoying a dose of holiday cheer.

Throughout the week, mystery Santas give their assigned recipients special treats. Since the grateful recipients do not know the identities of their benefactors, the happy Kirklandites have been sending e-mails over their House list to thank their Secret Santas for their gifts. Since Sunday night, dozens of exuberant e-mails have arrived in Kirkland residents' inboxes.

Culled from those e-mails, here are some of the most unconventional gifts:

· "Three DELICIOUS, EXOTIC FRUITS that the dining hall NEVER serves!"

· A "fluffy, white, antlered baby canine" placed on a student’s pillow

· "Arabic lesson inside a thermos"

· A booty-shaking Santa

· Several puppies and ponies

· George Clooney's face posted to a student's wall

· Breakfast in bed

· Chicken from Wings Over Somerville

· A bottle of Grey Goose Magnum

· A trip to Sky Zone, "a giant room with trampolines"

· Bacon and tea