“Yes, yes, we all know this already. Pfoho is the best house on campus,” said the former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler with great conviction. His blockmates found it almost impossible to reveal the news. The housing assignments had arrived earlier that morning, dictating the lives of those four men for years to come. They had been placed in Adams. Pfoho was now only a dream.

This is just the beginning of a hilarious video, uploaded to YouTube on Monday, in which Pfoho flaunts its stuff using a comic clip that features Adams House, Hitler, and Hitler’s three blockmates.

The video, which employs a popular Internet meme, shows a scene from "Downfall"—a World War II film released in 2004. In the scene, Hitler berates his comrades in German after learning some disappointing news. The meme plays on the viewer’s inability to understand German and substitutes humorous English subtitles for the original dialogue.

With Housing Day around the corner, Pfoho’s video has started off the annual tumult of Housing Day propaganda. Last year, Mather House released its own popular video, which has accumulated 13,909 hits on YouTube.

Most students are adamant about not being Quaded, but Pfoho turns that on its head with its new video. Hitler, wanted—no, needed, Pfoho. And instead he got Adams.

In the video, Hitler provides a convincing case to make even the most adamant residents of Adams and other River houses question the quality of their homes. Boasting quiet meals, natural light, spacious rooms, clean interiors, and excellent parties, Pfoho is the only place Hitler wants to call home.

At the end of his emotional rant, Hitler slumps into his chair exhausted. With a soft voice, filled with sorrow and loss, he utters these bitter words: “I might as well transfer to Yale… FML."