According to sources in the blogosphere, a high school senior was accepted by Harvard to join the Class of 2014 but then had his offer rescinded when he supposedly invited Harvard to "kiss [his] ass" in a Facebook status update. We at FlyBy set out to debunk the myth.

According to a screenshot posted online, a high school student named Jacob wrote, "I just got my admittance letters into Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Penn, and Columbia. Now Harvard is begging my ass to go to their school. FULLY PAID SCHOLARSHIP. LOL." He added, "Hmmmm.... Ahahahaha naw kiss my ass. Fuck Harvard! I don't need no harvard or no scholarship HAHA! No really though, I'm going to harvard guys. Wooooooo! =D"

In response, a friend allegedly posted, "Don't say that about harvard lol. I heard some colleges check facebook profiles and they could reject you for saying that... It's been on the news. Some kid got admitted to Duke, but after he posted some pics of being drunk he got rejected. Be Careful." to which Jacob replied, "Hahaha don't worry bro."

Despite the fact that the posts are dated March 14 (well before regular admissions decisions were released at all of these schools), many blogs have characterized this as merely "possibly" a hoax. To completely disprove this cock-and-bull story, we here at FlyBy contacted Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons '67.

"The rumor about Facebook is not true." he wrote in an emailed statement.  Fitzsimmons, however, noted that the Office of Admissions "may view any publicly available information about individual applicants."

Photo courtesy of True/Slant.