Bored with Busch? Think Natural Ice is nasty? Reeling over Rubinoff? Every day, we try to bring you news worth reading, but with The Crimson Cocktail, we offer you news that you can drink.

The Story:

It seems like every year at Harvard outdoes itself in terms of exclusivity—Harvard has managed to bring an already microscopic admissions rate even lower to 6.9 percent. Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Here’s a drink (for your parents) to celebrate with.

The Drink:

Spend a little extra this week and treat yourself to something nice, whether you're celebrating the fact that someone you know got in or you're reminiscing about that fateful night of your own. Jessica at Grafton Street Bar called the drink the “French 75," but we prefer to call it “The Admitted." After letting this sweet concoction kiss your palette, you’ll be deprived of both money and stress.


1. Pour some fresh lemon juice into a container that can be shaken.

2. Add some gin and a sugar cube.

3. Chill and shake the mix until the sugar cube dissolves.

4. Pour the concoction into a glass.

5. Fill up the rest of the glass with the most expensive champagne you can find.

6. Add a lemon twist.

Have a good night. From all of us at The Crimson, congratulations to you or someone you know getting into Harvard!