After five grueling months of winter and/or torrential rain, the sun has finally peeked its head out, bringing with it an 80 percent increase in the amount of bare skin shown by Harvard students.

Though we don't endorse excessive amounts of UV exposure (sunburns and melanoma anyone?), a little sun never hurt anyone. So here are your best bets if you are looking to catch up on your Vitamin D.

1. The Dunster and Winthrop courtyards

What's the point of a River House if you can't see the River? Dunster has one of the most beautiful courtyards, which opens up onto the glittering Charles River. Winthrop's courtyard is also picturesque, complete with a dedicated patio area and a tire swing, though the trees may create more shade than is desired by sun-starved students.

Honorable Mention: The courtyard alongside the Leverett Towers

2. The Radcliffe Quadrangle

Though the Quad may be far, it does have plenty of open space. The expansive Quadrangle is the perfect place to spread a towel and soak up some sun. The terrace above Cabot dining hall is another convenient space to relax with friends.

3. The Yard

If you don't mind the heavy foot traffic (and the smelly lawn aeration process that is currently going on), the Yard is nice place to enjoy the temperate weather and relive your carefree freshman days. Who knows, maybe they will bring the colorful lawn chairs back! Your best bet for shade-free sun exposure is probably the often neglected patches of grass near Lamont.

Wherever you decide to simulate your spring break, tan while you can! Rain looms on the weekend forecast.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.