Senior roommates compete for the hand of one bachelorette in HUTV’s season finale of the Love@Harvard series in an episode that, to be honest, we don't love all that much.

The three roommates—advertised to be “2010’s So Fine” for this “Will you be mine?” installment—fought against one another for love, companionship, and/or potential hot senior sex in this “Senior Roommate Episode.”

Unfortunately, the episode, like the ones leading to this finale, fails to light up any real passion between the bachelors and the bachelorette.

The clip, hosted in the acoustically-challenged Leverett Old Library, had no flowing tears, no furtive kisses, and no red flowers. The only unlocked secret was Bachelor Number Three’s key to Decatur, Ala., capable of opening any door in the city. But will his key open up the bachelorette’s heart? (Probably not.)

Which of the roommates ultimately wins the princess’ hand? Watch the video to find out. Or just fast forward to 7:18. We know you’re trying to procrastinate while studying for the last few minutes, but just stick with On Harvard Time or The Crimson and you'll be good.