UPDATED: May 23, 2010

Now that it’s almost time for the Class of 2010 to leave the gates of Fair Harvard, we couldn’t help reflecting on just what it is that makes a Harvard Commencement so special. Is it the eye-catching “Veritas” banners hanging off of Memorial Church? The grand sense of ceremony? The continuity of a shared tradition across generations? Of course not.

It’s the multitude of famous people, who come back for their reunions and to see their children graduate. Obvi.

After scouring the lists of graduates from the respective classes of 1960 and 1985, we've produced the following list of famous faces you might see wandering around the Square later this week.

John H. Harbison '60 won a Pulitzer in music for The Flight Into Egypt and conducted the BachSoc as an undergrad.

Michael S. Dukakis '60, a former governor of Massachusetts, ran for president in 1988. He’s now a professor at Northeastern.

Antonin G. Scalia (HLS '60) is one of the Supreme Court Justices and reportedly has an amazing signature.

Elizabeth H. Dole (M.Ed. '60) was a North Carolina senator from 2003 to 2009 before losing to “godless” Kay Hagan. Her husband is Bob Dole, the 1996 Republican presidential candidate who is probably better known for his appearance in Viagra advertisements.

Robert E. Rubin '60 was Secretary of the Treasury under former president Bill Clinton (who did not go to Harvard).

Conan C. O’Brien '85 is a comedian and TV host who recently emerged from the NBC kerfluffle with the prospect of hosting a late-night show on TBS starting this fall. Oh, and he was also president of a certain semi-secret Sorrento Square organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine.

Masako Owada '85 is the wife of Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito, which means that she will be empress someday.

Lloyd C. Blankfein '75 is CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs. He has a son who’s graduating this spring.

Caroline B. Kennedy '80 is an attorney, writer, and the daughter of former president John F. Kennedy '40. She also has a daughter who is graduating this year.

Know any we missed? Leave a comment!

This post has been revised to reflect the following correction:

CORRECTION: May 24, 2010

An earlier version of the May 22 FlyBy post "Some Famous Faces to Watch For This Week" incorrectly stated that the class of 1975 does not have a reunion this year. In fact, it will have a reunion during Commencement week.