This week, we'll bring you dispatches from fellow students in Lamont as they fight valiantly against looming deadlines and final exams.

JASMINE K. CASART '13 and NICOLE K. CASART '13 (Identical Twins)

Concentration: Jasmine is a potential History of Science concentrator and Nicole is a potential Psychology concentrator

Time of Interview: 14:55 p.m. (right before the café opens)

Location in Lamont: Two adjacent second floor carrels

What have you finished, what do you have left, and how much time do you have?

Jasmine: I have 23 hours before my chick lit class final. Then I’m done. I already did two take home finals and a three-part Spanish final.

Nicole: I have done my final expos paper and my French final, and I have 20 hours until I have to turn in my take home final for Hist of Sci—Modern Techniques of Mind Control.

What did you eat last?

Jasmine: I had part of a Veritaffle like three hours ago.

Nicole: Today was our last Annenberg brunch so we had to go.  The line for Veritaffles was huge, but it needed to be done.

When did you shower last?

Jasmine: This morning.

Nicole: Me too.