Taking the T can be such a pain. Sometimes it crashes when the driver texts his girlfriend or you have to deal with creeps who grope your friends. Fear no more. The Cambridge City Council has agreed to look into a compensating solution that will slide those pains away—literally.

Last week, the Council passed a resolution to investigate "the possibility of installing a long flat tube slide (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4o0ZVeixYU) at a Cambridge MBTA station to add a bit of personality to a subway stop." That's right, no more dealing with the exasperating stairs or the quarrelsome elevator on your way down to the platform. It might not quite be a Slip-n-Slide, but we’ll go ahead and call it a Swipe-n-Slide instead.

The idea came to Vice Mayor Henrietta Davis from a constituent who saw a Volkswagen advertisement and proposed the idea to her.

“[Davis] thought it would be different…a fun thing to do,” said Penny C. Peters, aide to Vice Mayor Davis.

Peters said that actually figuring out if the idea is feasible and then implementing it is up to the city administration. A representative in the City Manager’s Office told us that they’ve forwarded the idea on the MBTA.

Both Davis and the MBTA could not be reached for comment.

Photo by Maria Xia/The Harvard Crimson.