For T.V. fans, fall is a season of excitement and promise: all your favorites shows are back and that means more drama, more laughs and more ways to procrastinate.  If you're looking to upgrade your viewing experience from your laptop computer screen, check out these venues where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.Monday Night Football:

Grab a couch and watch your team pummel their opponents in the Currier Fish Bowl, which boasts a high-quality projector screen.  With Currier brain break only steps away, you can tackle a sandwich while watching tackles on the big screen.  And if the Fish Bowl is full and it's not the game you're looking for, don't despair: the Penthouse in the SOCH sponsors a number of football games throughout the year, including pizza and drinks.


Many a gleek with a T.V. hosts a viewing party on Tuesday nights, but if you don't happen to know any of them, or if you are looking for a larger space to watch the show with more people, then you're welcome to join the freshmen in Holoworthy basement, where students congregate to watch the musical adventures of the students at McKinley high.

Modern Family:

If you've got half-an-hour to kill on Wednesday night and feel like spending it with America's new favorite family, then head on over to Thayer basement at 9 p.m. for some laughs before writing that paper due on Thursday.

Gossip Girl:

If you're addicted to this guilty pleasure, slide into the Mather T.V. rooms on Monday night, where students are hoping to watch the lives of these Manhattan Socialites unfold on the big screen.