I Think Therefore I Am ... In Your Pants?


We all do it. We tell ourselves that this year, this semester, everything's going to be different—that's right, we're going to make a change. We arrive on campus, hit up the MAC, do the reading for at least one of our classes, strike a perfect balance between school and social life. But then that eight-week-long-hell-period known as midterm season rolls around and everything goes to shit. Somehow we can never manage to maintain that blissful balance for long.

But what if we could not only get it up but keep it up, screw around without screwing up our grades? Between course and intercourse, there must be some overlap—right?

Enter: FM's scholarly pickup line contest—From Hitting the Books to Hitting the Sheets—where we invite you to comment on this post with your best pickup line, inspired by course material. We'll publish the winning line in next week's FM and maybe you'll even get some action ... maybe.

Who says LS1a never got anyone laid? Hey, wanna form a study group ...

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