10,000 Letters for Those Overseas


President Barack Obama pledged to bring back 10,000 service members by January of next year. As a response to Obama's pledge,Ā members of the Harvard College Veterans Engagement Initiative are hosting a thank you letter drive. The organization's goal is to get 10,000 handwritten letters, one for each returning service member. Members wrote a template sent over house email lists that students could use in their letters.

Dear Service Member, Welcome back home! My name is John Smith and I am an undergraduate at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. I wanted to write to you to express how proud I am of your service. I cannot express my gratitude for the sacrifices you have made on behalf of our country.Ā Countless service members have valiantly served our country since its founding to defend the freedoms that we Americans enjoy daily, and it is truly my pleasure to thank you for all you have done.Ā From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and welcome home.

Thank you, John Smith

Letters can be dropped off in a box under the staircase by Quincy Dining Hall's main entrance.

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