On Saturday night, something was amiss in the Winthrop House dining hall. The Winthrop House IM Sports board, usually prominently displayed in the dining hall, went missing.

"At first, we thought people at a party might have taken it," said Winthrop IM Sports Rep Andrew Y. Badger '12, "but the next morning, there was a piece of paper in the void where the board usually is, saying 'We took your board, and next we're going to take your cup.'"

The board was later returned with a conspicuous new addition: a drawing of a penguin. This leads Badger to believe the culprit was Quincy House, especially after an incident at a recent intramural game.

"We had a close soccer game where we won in overtime against them, and they disputed a call," Badger said.

The intimidation attempt, however, may have backfired.

"It ended up working as a great motivational tool to keep the fire lit after a long period of IM dominance. 'If you want to take the cup, you have to earn it' was our reply. If you want to play it on the field, you're more than welcome."