In this series, we'll be visiting the other parts of Cambridge, the "City of Squares." Join us as we explore the ins-and-outs of things to do in Inman, Central, Davis, Kendall, and Porter Squares.

Students looking for a break from the familiar streets of Harvard Square should head north on Massachusetts Avenue to check out Porter Square. With an eclectic mix of independently owned shops and a dose of Japanese infusion, Porter Square offers plenty of opportunities to spice things up.


Named after the popular Prince song, Raspberry Beret is a second-hand store that carries a unique collection of mint-condition vintage and consignment clothing, handbags, and accessories. Browse through a variety of styles, and don't leave before perusing their $2 bin.

Formerly Vintage, Etc., Cambridge Clogs claims to have sold more than 40,000 shoes since 1987. In addition to providing expert shoe fittings for your feet, the store also carries tights, socks, and hosiery of many varieties. Those looking to mix up their sock drawer can now decorate their feet with ninjas, poodles, and Albert Einstein.

Stereo Jack's carries a wide collection of records and CDs and adds new inventory every day. Although the owner recently considered retiring, the store is still open and remains the place to find inexpensive albums—rarely will you find anything more than $10. (Note that purchases under $10 must be paid for in cash).

Whether you're artistically inclined or just looking to make a homemade gift, Made-by-Me offers an entire wall of white pottery—from plates to teacups to piggy banks—just waiting to be painted. Pay for your ceramic and for every half-hour spent painting.