No 'A' Grade for Harvard in Sex Ed

Harvard may top the list of the best universities in the country, but not when it comes to sexual health, according to Trojan Brand Condoms.

In its sixth annual ranking of the nation’s most sexually healthy schools, Trojan ranked Harvard number 30 out of 141 universities—a drop from our number 16 place last year.

With Princeton winning third place, Brown ranking fourth, and Columbia taking first prize for the second year in a row, our Ivy League peers beat us out on the sexual health scale.

The rankings are judged based on the resources such as contraceptives, HIV testing, and outreach programs that each campus offers.

In a press release, Bruce Tetreault, a Trojan product manager, said that the rankings should "inspire students to take action into their own hands."

Go for it, Harvard. Just remember to use a condom.


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