Summer Funding Deadlines Fast Approaching


While mountains of snow, slushy puddles, and an igloo in the Quad may make summer seem far away, deadlines for summer grants are fast approaching. Here's a round-up of various grants and their application deadlines.

David Rockefeller International Experience Grant

Planning to go abroad for at least eight weeks this summer? Turn in the Rockefeller grant application at the Office of Career Services by 3 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18.

Office of International Programs Summer Study Abroad Grants

The Office of International Programs offers funding for academic opportunities abroad, including classes run by Harvard and by other institutions. The application (along with proof of application to a specific academic program) is due on Friday.

Summer Thesis Research Grants

Feeling an inexplicable twinge of envy for thesis-writing seniors holed up in Widener? If you'd like to start moving in that direction, the Center for European Studies, the Committee on African Studies, and the Harvard Asia Center (as well as many concentrations) all offer grants to juniors and occasionally sophomores for thesis research abroad. Applications are due Friday—noticing a pattern?

Harvard College Research Program

Do you have an independent idea for a research project which you'd like to pursue under a faculty member's supervision? Applications for summer funding through the Harvard College Research Program are due—this one's a surprise—March 30.

Want more?

The grants listed above only scratch the surface of what Harvard has to offer. For more, check out the Office of Career Services website, which offers a comprehensive list of grants and fellowships.


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